The Versatile Stove-Top Smoker

    The stove-top smoker is a fabulous product, a real treat for the avid smoker and a good effort at infusing food with authentic smoke flavor as you grill indoors. They are also ideal for RV cooking, camp grilling and in boats too.

Most stove-top smokers, also known as range-top smokers, are simple, portable, affordable and effective. They cook the food as they smoke it. It is designed to be used covered so your food stays moist and tender. A very popular one is the Cameron Stove-Top Smoker.

Stove Top Smoker Stove Top Smoker

A stove-top smoker is fired by an alternate heat source. The food is placed on a rack or tray inside the smoker. The smoker is put to sit on top of the electric or gas burner of your stove.

You can also stick the smoker in your oven, after you collapse the handles, to finish the cooking process.

Stove-top smokers are used with saw dust or fine wood chips as the smoking flavor agent. Some of the smoking dust or wood chip flavors you can use are mesquite, hickory, oak and even cherry. If dust does not give you the intensity in flavor, try using wood chips.

The rule of thumb with smoke wood chips and dust flavors is to start with a small quantity, the first time you smoke indoors. Take notes on quantities - food and flavoring agent. Sample your food out. Increase or reduce the quantities to your satisfaction the next time you smoke.

The stove-top smoker is small, taking only 6-8 pieces of chicken or salmon, so no big ticket smoking here. Even then, you can still smoke rib tips, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, pork chops, shrimp, chicken wings, chicken breast, fish, vegetables and even cheese.

When using indoor stove-top smokers, be ready to have a little smoke in your kitchen. If you can open your windows or have a venting system, even better. Your house will smell delicious for a little while. To reduce the indoor smoke aroma consider taking the smoker outdoors to open it when you are done smoking the food.

If the smoke is a big issue, consider safely setting up the stove-top smoker on a single burner hot-plate outdoors.
Grillspot Tip! - Keep a bowl of one part vinegar and four parts water in the kitchen out in the open. This will help eliminate the smoky aroma overnight.

Smoking Large Quantities Indoors

As you continue to enjoy grilling indoors, you may have an inordinate or large quantity of food to smoke. There are two ways to deal with this good problem.

One, you can use the same stove-top smoker and tent it. 'Tenting' involves using aluminum or tin foil to cover the food tightly over the smoker to trap the smoke. The 'tent' acts as an extension of the stove-top smoker.

Indoor Kettle Smoker Indoor Kettle Smoker

Secondly, you may have a big roast that will absolutely not fit in the stove-top smoker like turkey and brisket.

Larger dome-shaped, kettle-type smokers are available in the market. Some have the capacity to handle up to 5lbs (2kgs) of food for indoor smoking.

This particular smoker shown here can be used outdoors as well.

Some kettle smokers are designed large enough to accommodate a water pan for added moisture while smoking. You can use smoking wood chips to flavor your food.

Smoke for approximately one hour then finish off by roasting in a pre-heated oven. Make space by removing the mid and top level racks from the oven. Do not remove the food from the smoker, they go in together.

Shopping for a Stove-Top Smoker

Here is what to look for: -
  Look for the largest one for the money.
   How well does it seal smoke? Is it smoke-tight? A tight lid is good     for heat, smoke and moisture retention.
   Check to see if it can be used with both smoke dust and wood chips.    Check the integrity of the appliance, is it of solid steel construction?
   Any other extras - Some, especially the kettle-type, have a     thermometer. Another plus. Just a few basic things to look for.

Lastly, pick out well-ground wood chips for smoking flavor. Consider mixing different types of wood flavors for added subtle flavor. For example, mesquite can add bitter flavor if used intensely. Mix it with alder wood. Alder is good for fish, especially salmon.

You can enhance your knowledge and better use the stove-top smoker with more information on wood flavors and meat smoking ideas outdoors for perfect indoor smoking every time!

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