Grilling Construction

This website is in its early stages. Grilling pages are currently 'marinating'. Some pages are ready to go on the grill. Scroll down this page and reserve your spot to review some pages that are ready in the big kitchen! Please use the Contact page for your comments, questions and any kind of feedback.

Grilling Construction

The following pages are Ready!

Here are links to pages that are ready to go on the grill. Enjoy!


The Best Grilling Techniques.

  1. Do you like Grilling with Charcoal?
  2. How to work a Charcoal Chimney.
  3. Let's introduce some Wood Flavor!
  4. Is it Lump Charcoal or Briquettes?
  5. What's Indirect Heat Grilling?
  6. Crispy Crusty Rotisserie Grilling ...
  7. Want some Grilling Tips?
  8. How About We Smoke Some Meat?
  9. Ready for Some Planking Adventure?

Let's meet the Writer...

The World Famous Suya!

The Pride of South Africa - Boerewors!

Bring the Outdoors into your Kitchen

  1. What is Griddling?
  2. Spit Roasted Food Indoors
  3. Tasty Smoked Food Indoors
  4. Have Fun with the Panini  Press
  5. Eating Healthy Off An Electric Griddle





"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients."

-Julia Child