The Electric Griddle and Hibachi

The electric griddle and hibachi are multi-purpose, inexpensive indoor grilling devices that are popular very convenient for grilling indoors.

Simply set the griddle or hibachi grill on the kitchen counter or by the dinner table and start grilling. Both the electric griddle and hibachi grill have an electric heating element that conducts and radiates heat to the non-stick cooking surface.

Electric Griddle Electric Griddle

Most griddles and hibachi grills are designed as one component with a heat regulator or knob, an automatic power shut-off timer and an easily removable hot grid or ridged plate.

They are both lightweight and portable with cool-to-the-touch handles and controls and can also be transferred to the dinner table for direct serving.

Modern appliances have a non-stick surface as a standard feature and a way to convey juices and excess fat to a drip pan or a drain on the side, a healthy way of grilling indoors.

A large cooking surface will allow you to cook multiple food types at the same time e.g. buns, vegetables and steak.

Popular foods you can grill on a griddle and hibachi include - burgers, salmon, chops, steaks, hot-dogs and more. Set up, usability, storage and cleaning - all easy and quick.

The non-stick coating for cookware branded as Teflon is a synthetic polymer by the chemical company, DuPont. Teflon is hydrophobic. Uh, what?
The same care and maintenance guidelines for a non-stick pan will apply for a non-stick electric griddle and electric hibachi. After grilling, make sure the appliance is unplugged. Let it cool down.

Do not immerse the appliance in water or other cleaning liquid. Check the User's Manual on water-immersible parts for your appliance. Avoid using the dishwasher in order to maintain the non-stick coating on the removable cooking parts.

Grillspot Tip! - To remove strong and sticky residue from the cooking surface, place a wet cloth, newspaper or paper towels with mild detergent to 'soak' on top and loosen the residue. Sprinkle water with wet fingers occasionally to keep the cloth or paper moist.

Shopping for an Electric Griddle or Hibachi

   1. Get one with a lid, preferably made with tempered glass. A lid helps to retain moisture while cooking and also retain heat in your food before serving.

  See if it has a high lid, if you want your drumsticks to fit. Another plus would be getting a griddle or hibachi with an indicator light that shows when the grill is heating up.

   2. Get one with solid cast aluminum construction for even heat conduction.

   3. Get a griddle with a tilt capability on the ridged cooking surface and a catch tray to allow for fat to drip away as food is cooking.

   4. Look for one with an accurate thermostat reading and heats up quickly and hot enough, at least 450 °F (230 °C) and more to allow for a good sear.

Read customer reviews for the griddle you desire ahead of time to get a features score before making a purchase.
   5. Look for one with good solid thermostat reading. Some have a dial or heat readings that fade in record time leaving you with a thermostat without a reading.

All in all, beware not to use abrasive cleaning sponges or chemicals for clean up. They could ruin the non-stick surface.

Experience tasty, grilled and fat-free foods on the electric griddle and hibachi everytime you grill indoors!

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"Grilling, broiling, barbecuing - whatever you want to call it, is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach."

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